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Artistic expressions of natures beauty and joy filled moments.

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About Debby Combs Art

Debby Combs' artistic inspirations spring from the vibrance of nature and the joy she receives from it, hoping she can bring that same joy to her viewers. Debby's vibrant and varied pieces contain elements of realism and impressionism. As re-emerging artist, Debby is focused on improving her craft; staying true to her vision of creating work that shows nature's beauty, peaceful scenes, and joy-filled moments. 

If you have something beautiful, joyful, or peaceful that you would like to have created specifically for you, contact Debby, directly at or text 513-403-1988. 

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Through beautiful fields of life, the journey can be straight or crooked. May we all embrace both.

Winding Road small.jpg
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Winter Wonderland

The winter months are a time to enjoy the anticipation of snow. Peaceful, restful beautiful colors.

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River Scene large.jpg

Yellow Mountains

The beauty of the west certainly  comes out in Yellowstone. Love the sun hitting miles of the landscape.

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Blessings to Ukraine

The bravery and strength of the Ukrainians journey will be unforgettable. This was in mind the entire time creating this piece. 

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Pig small.jpg

Some Pig!

A pleasantly pleased pig...loving life and the vegetarians!

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Giraffe large.jpg

I Love You

In 2021 The Loveland Art  Studios on Main held the Artful Animals show challenging artists to create their favorite animals for showing. Love giraffes and this one loves all the viewers back!

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Chimp small.jpg

Silly Humans!

In 2021 The Loveland Art  Studios on Main held the Artful Animals show challenging artists to create their favorite animals for showing. This monkey is watching us humans. What is he thinking?

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Loveland Bike Trail Spring.jpg

Loveland Bike Trail - Spring

Erika and Dave just moved to Loveland and wanted an original Loveland Bike Trail created just for them. They also wanted the painting to compliment the colors in the room. Beautiful addition for a beautiful couple!  

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Loveland Bike Trail - Summer

Sean is on the Loveland Ohio bike trail every chance he has and now enjoys this reminder in his home. It bring so much joy to all that travel along. Most stunning is how the sun peaks through the leaves on the trees and brings beautiful colors to everything it touches.

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Serenity Garden

Anna and Aabesh moved to Lincoln Park, Chicago and wanted a painting designed to show a colorful display of a garden. This painting brings as much serenity to the viewer as it did to the painter.

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Retreat Path

Murphin Ridge, just outside Cincinnati, Ohio is peaceful place to rest and renew. In this peace-filled retreat, colors are especially vibrant. 

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Beautiful Journey

Marilyn has held onto a photo from a magazine for many years of these mountains and flowers. They made her think of natures beauty and places she has traveled. She asked to have this painted and now appreciates the beauty every single day. 

Beautiful Journey large.jpg
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Arrived in Tasmania

Ross was fortunate to study abroad in Australia and even more fortunate to visit Tasmania while there. His first visit was on the coast, now captured forever in this painting.

Tasminia Sm.jpg
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Mountains of Memories

Judy and her husband loved going out west to look at the mountains. This piece is designed specifically for her to pay tribute to combine their years traveling to their favorite places. 

Mountains of Memories small.jpg
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Divine Waiting

Beside the Loveland Art Studios on Main are two abandoned buildings awaiting for an owner. The light shows the beauty that still exists and the optimistic future that is yet to come.

Purple House large.jpg
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For the Love of a Grandchild

Ben's favorite memory of his grandparents was in 1995 on Uncle Mark and Aunt Barb's farm. Ben wanted to go in the row boat and his Nana and Bop obliged. A special sweet memory captured forever.

For Love Grandchild.jpg
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Dusk at the Farm

Just relaxing on the back patio of Amy and Greg's fun farm hide away and in awe of the sun setting just on the horizon. Beautiful!

Dusk at the Farm large.jpg
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Breezy Pot

The breeze captures potted flowers flowing in the wind, lighting up the senses. 

Flower Vase small.jpg
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Loveland Art Studios on Main
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